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Simone Züger is a Swiss designer, artist, and entrepreneur. With her holistic approach, she leads to unexpected spaces, objects and experiences that challenge our relationship towards our living environments. «I like to play with the function, aesthetics and soul of objects, regardless of the material and medium I am using.» Simone’s creations are globally identified in both private homes and public spaces.

Simone has been an activist for equal rights throughout her career. She initiated the «Ladies, Wine & Design» conversation series in Zurich (2017–2021) to connect women in the creative industry. She also served as a member of the board of Medienfrauen Schweiz (2018–2021) and co-founded the fintech start-up ellexx (2021) to close the financial gaps in women's lives.


She is a juror for a variety of competitions and a guest lecturer at various universities in Switzerland and abroad. 

In 2019, Seraina Fels joined the studio and immediately took over an important role. With her interior design background, she understands and appreciates the balancing act between two- and three-dimensional work. «I want to make emotions evoked by space, light and materials, tangible by creating a tactile experience through design or animation.»

Simone Züger Design Studio Zürich Simone Züger and Seraina Fels

Seraina and Simone shot by Jonas Weibel

Simone Züger Design Studio Zürich Annabelle x ADC

Annabelle x ADC

Simone Züger Design Studio Zürich Maison et Ambiances

Ideales Heim

Simone Züger Design Studio Zürich Ideales Heim

Maisons et Ambiances

Simone Züger Design Studio Zürich Raum und Wohnen

INTERVIEW Raum und Wohnen Magazin

Simone Züger Design Studio Zürich PODCAST Let me introduce you to by Mélanie Breitinger

PODCAST Let me introduce you to by Mélanie Breitinger

Simone Züger Design Studio Zürich TAGESANZEIGER / Soft Walls


Simone Züger Design Studio Zürich INTERVIEW Spotlight


Ideales Heim / Atelierstory

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Interior Design / Object & Furniture Design / Space Design / Installation / Concept / Branding / Editorial Design / Packaging Design /Workshops

Selected Clients

We design and collaborate, conceive and shape among others, for
Adidas / Annabelle / Art Competence Center, UBS Art Basel / Delikatessenmanufaktur Globus / EPFL Lausanne / ETH Zürich / F1 Sponsoring UBS / Genovas – Fine Food and Beverage / Gebert-Stiftung für Kultur / Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative / Hotel The Yard / Migros-Medien MGB / Modissa / Museum für Gestaltung / Sonic Service Music / Tamedia / The Brasilea Foundation / UBS Kulturstiftung / Zurich University of the Arts and many more

Thank you all!


Simone lectures on design and the process of identity at creative conferences and universities internationally, as well as giving workshops and classes. With her interest in people and stories, Simone encourages her students to find a focus for their creative endeavors that really gets to the essence of who they are and what they stand for. She believes that creative development is closely connected with personal growth.


Simone Züger Design Studio GmbH
Gasometerstrasse 36, 8005 Zürich

Portrait photography: Jonas Weibel

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