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We create experimental design objects, spaces and identities for clients who value the power of design. Often bordering on art, our work is simultaneously sculptural and sensitive, bold and reduced, humorous and committed to aesthetic clarity.
Successful projects are rooted in a deep understanding of functional needs, a trustworthy and close relationship with the client, and a playful and individual approach to the design process.

Do you have an idea or a project that you would like to realize with us?

We look forward to hearing from you

Selected Clients
Annabelle Magazine
Art Competence Center, UBS Art Basel
EPFL Lausanne
ETH Zürich
F1 Sponsoring UBS
Globus Delikatessenmanufaktur
Genovas – Fine Food and Beverage
Gebert-Stiftung für Kultur
Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative
Hotel The Yard
Migros-Medien MGB
Museum für Gestaltung Zürich
Sonic Service Music
The Brasilea Foundation
UBS Kulturstiftung
Zurich University of the Arts
Thank you all!

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